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Mushrooms Future

Dried Mushrooms future powder, 90 grams

Dried Mushrooms future powder, 90 grams

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We collect raw materials for our products in Lithuanian forests, far away from factories, cities and highways.

Ground amanita muscaria mushrooms.

Processed amanita muscaria mushrooms have been used for centuries and their benefits and effectiveness have been proven in practice. The amanita muscaria mushroom is used in medicine, in the manufacture of some medicines and as an ingredient.

Ingredients: 100 % natural amanita muscaria mushrooms, without additives.

The products are not intended for human consumption. We do not recommend eating them and accept no responsibility for this.

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About Mushroomsfuture

Love for man and all life - this is our green Nature, this is who we are. It provides us with everything that is most important. When so many plants, including Amanita, hide an impressive secret of vitality.
We take care that, from collection to arrival at you, Amanita preserves all the properties that nature has given it.

What is it?

Amanita, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, is the classical Amanita mushroom that you know. It is a muscimol mushroom, which means it’s psychoactive. It’s a very unique mushroom that is easily recognized because of it’s bright red color and white warts. It’s also unique because it grows all over the world, however, only in wooded areas. Amanita cannot grow without trees.